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Locomotive, road and people


Endless scenery, endless distance

If we don't go crazy, we'll get old

Every time I step on a locomotive

I really feel my existence

Of indomitable spirit

A sense of fullness fills the soul

What a delightful feeling


Only a short while ago

I fell.

I cried.

I am helpless.

Sometimes I really want to give up on the locomotive

Tired eyelids have been fighting against each other for a long time

Hot tears rolling in my eyes

Blinked slowly

Tears do not willingly drop on the already numb face

A lot of times I think

Could have lived a comfortable life

Why do I have to stick to the road of becoming a motorcycle friend



Because of suffering, we know Sweet

Because I am tired, I understand Shenyi

Many times

A bitter life

Look at the endless road

Swallow the lonely and unwilling saliva

Pick up the motorcycle that fell in the mud

There is still a rainbow ahead

I know this is the life I want to pursue

Have their own pursuit

Have your own ideal

No one can control his choice

Go your own way

You will

Even if we can't do it now

It's just the settling of waiting time

Precipitating temperament

Precipitation and ripening

Connotation of precipitation

Precipitate your extraordinary life

After climbing to the top, you can enjoy the small achievements

This is another transformation of ourselves



YOHE HELMETS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD, founded in 1993, is an integrated enterprise with the ability to research and develop, manufacture and sale. As one of the largest helmets manufacturers in China, YOHE has been engaged in helmets manufacturing industry for more than 20 years.


With equipped R&D and production team, YOHE is serving lots of famous brands in OEM and ODM areas from home and abroad. In 2017,
YOHE got the certificate of ISO9001:2015. Moreover, most of our products have reached the DOT, ECE, NBR and other standards in the word.


With tenet of Credibility and Service, our products are spread all over Europe, America and Oceania including 55 countries and areas and YOHE brand helmets are popular in more than 22 countries and areas.

In domestic market, we have established the largest marking team online and offline to cover the all the province and areas in China.